Why We Need the Child and Adolescent Service Intensity Instrument (CASII)

April 29, 2021 Off By admin

The Child and Adolescent Service Intensity Instrument (CASII) is useful for determining service needs for children and adolescents diagnosed with mental illness, substance abuse disorders, and developmental disorders. Developed by the American Academy of Child & Adolescent Psychiatry, the tool is based on system of care principles, developmental theory, family empowerment, cultural competence, and wraparound concepts. For this presentation, you will learn about the following:
– A fast, reliable and valid way to assess a child or adolescent’s level of mental health service needs without additional assessment instruments
– Six core factors that determine mental health service intensity needs
– A method that will give you confidence in your decisions about level of service decisions for placement, continued stay and outcomes

This presentation was recorded at Clarity Child Guidance Center on March 11, 2011.