What are the value drivers in a business? A buyer's perspective.

April 21, 2021 Off By admin

In this interview, B.J. Jacobs, Managing Principal at Goshen Park Capital shares his insights on what makes a business an attractive acquisition candidate.

The conversation sheds light into what elements of a business drive value from the buyer’s perspective. We cover a range of topics in this intro/overview session including:
– Recurring revenue: Do your customers purchase your product or service regularly?
– Value creation for customers: How important is your solution to your customer? Are you a value-add, strategic supplier vs. a vendor? How do you help your customers compete successfully with their customers?
– The Team: What capabilities you need for the business to run independent of the owner.
– The Story in the Financials: What metrics are important to determining value?
– Impact of COVID-19 on the market for transactions: PPP Loans, Impact on customer demand, leases, etc.

The video contains helpful tips on how to improve the long-term value of your business and ensure its success well into the future.

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