What Are Managed IT Services? [Serving San Antonio, TX]

April 20, 2021 Off By admin

For us managed services is 3-4 things. The first of which is monitoring 24/7 of your key network elements, meaning your servers, your firewalls, high-end switches, etc. But not just monitoring that they’re online, but actually doing more and log monitoring. Keeping track of what updates that exist, that need to be applied.

You also have to be cognizant sometimes of – manufacturers will release updates that are not quite perfect and will break things. We don’t want to release those. The security updates, critical updates… There are more major updates that we don’t release in that fashion because they have a higher likelihood of breaking or they have a higher likelihood of needing to be rolled back and so those kinds of things (service packs) typically they’re really big aggregations of many smaller updates. Those things typically require a little more hands-on.

The second main thing in managed services is proactive services and that’s something that we felt we do a lot better than our competitors. We have a team dedicated just to manage proactive services, and the reason we do that is so that we can do that better than anyone else. We use a lot of automated systems to do most of it. If you can imagine, with thousands and thousands of machines that need to be taken care of we can never do it manually. So, we use some sophisticated automation to get that up.

The final element of managed services from our viewpoint is reactive services. Instead of what most people think traditionally as a manager of computer support where we have a call center here internally that people call. We are answering the calls as people are calling in… As well as doing projects migrations, new hardware limitations and software upgrades, etc.
Whatever the need is we have a team in house to do that.

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