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Hi, this is Brad Larsen, real estate broker and founder of RentWerx San Antonio. In this video, I would like to talk to you about our competitors and what you are going to see in the San Antonio market about them.

What you’re going to see out there, are companies that will have an “It Depends” pricing model, and will not disclose anything in their website. They will also want to offer you what they deem are better terms and conditions than ours and since there are new owners who think they are getting a better deal with cheaper prices, they won’t realize that they are being charged more than what we would charge on our full, disclosed site. You will also want to watch out for companies who are not NARPM members, because if they are not active NARPM members, you cannot expect them to operate based on the current approved standards, dealing with current lease agreements and being up-to-date on current legislation.

So you really need to watch out for yourself, be more careful about who you are talking with. Look at them with a raised eyebrow, and if they are not willing to disclose everything about what they’re doing on their website, you have to wonder, what else are they hiding from you?

This is just a public service announcement, for you owners who are shopping around for a property management company. For further inquiries, or if you want to see our available #SanAntonioHomesforRent, please don’t hesitate to call us or visit our website. Thanks for watching!

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