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Hi, I’m Brad Larsen, real estate broker and owner of RentWerx San Antonio and today, I want to talk to you about new owner sign-ups and I want to specifically address the new owners who have signed up for our property management services. These are essentially the next steps that you need to do after you have signed up.

First thing on the list is insurance. I recommend that you call your insurance company and tell them that your home is now going to become a rental property, and as such, make sure that you make RentWerx San Antonio as “additionally interested” or “additionally insured” as per our management agreement. This way, your insurance company will be able to cover both our insurance claims and attorney’s fees in the event of a lawsuit or any major issues that may come up.

Second, you need to contact your tax assessor depending on what county your property is located in and tell them that you will no longer be living in the home as a homestead. This is to avoid being billed later for any exemptions you may have incurred as a homestead. You will also need to call your HOA to inform them that we will be managing your home so they can put us as an additional point of contact so that in case there are any major issues or violations, they can contact both of us and we will be able to talk to them in your behalf. Another group you need to contact are your vendors and inform them that you will no longer be living in your home and that the new tenants will be undertaking all utilities.

Another thing you need to do is make sure your home is ready for staging. You might want to wait a little longer for us to market your home because the last thing we all want is to market it with boxes in place or that it isn’t ready yet. Of course, once you vacate the home, I recommend that you consider our cleaning services that we charge $595 for and this includes professional carpet cleaning and professional maid services. And in case the new tenants are not happy about the way it was cleaned, we will also take care of that as well so you don’t have to be involved in it.

If you have further questions or inquiries about property management, please feel free to contact your portfolio manager for assistance. If you are a new owner interested in trying out our services or a tenant who wants to check out our #HousesforRentinSanAntonioTexas please free to call or visit our website. Thank you!

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