Medical Waste Disposal Companies – Low Cost, Reliable, And Most Importantly…

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Looking for medical waste disposal companies that are low-cost, reliable, & compliant? Request FREE quote in 10 seconds at OR call 1-877-974-1300 now.

Looking for Medical Waste Disposal Companies?

If you’re a Hospital, Physicians Office, Dental Office, or any kinda of facility that produces medical waste, then we may be the right disposal company for you.

Biomedical Waste Solutions is a low-cost, reliable, & 100% compliant medical waste disposal company.

That’s right, we can help you:
— Save you money with every pick-up.
— Get you the friendly and reliable service you deserve.
— And ensure you’re 100% complaint with all the state and federal laws such as: OSHA {pronounced “OH-SHA”} , EPA {pronounced “E P A”}, and HIPPA {pronounced “HIP-Peh”}.

Now, we offer complete medical waste management, which includes:
— Comprehensive medical waste removal and destruction
— Biohazardous containers
— And document destruction certification

As well as flexible scheduling for collection, whether that’s weekly, monthly, quarterly, or PRN “As Needed”.

Request a free quote in 10 seconds at OR call 1 (877) 974-1300 now.

Texas Medical Waste Disposal Company
9665 Jade Ave
Port Arthur, Texas (TX)

Austin Medical Waste Disposal Company
2806 Real St.,
Austin, Texas (TX)

Dallas Medical Waste Disposal Company
9500 N. Expy
Dallas, Texas (TX)

Houston Medical Waste Disposal Company
1100 Main St,
Houston, Texas (TX)

Tulsa Medical Waste Disposal Company
1611 S Utica Ave

San Antonio Medical Waste Disposal Company
7271 Wurzbach Road,
San Antonio, Texas (TX)

Fort Worth Medical Waste Disposal Company
9500 N. Expy
Dallas, Texas (TX)