Eviction Assurance and Rent Protection by Top San Antonio Property Management Company

April 22, 2021 Off By admin

Today we are talking about eviction assurance and rent protection programs. RentWerx San Antonio started offering eviction assurance quite some time ago and this is a service we offer to our owners to guarantee they will not be surprised with an overwhelming eviction cost. In a lot of cases, when a tenant needs to be evicted, that expense can run up to $1,500 to $2,000 or even more. In addition to costing a lot of money, it also takes a lot of time. You have to serve a notice, file the eviction, go to court, get a writ of eviction, work with the sheriff and remove the tenant from the property. All those things are time consuming and they cost money.

To offset that price and mitigate the loss to the owner, we offer an eviction assurance plan that costs owners $6.00 per month. This means that for $72 per year, an owner can be assured that…