3 Most Common Ways For Businesses To Get I.T. Support | JUERN TECHNOLOGY

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An informative video that reveals the 3 most commons ways businesses get IT support including time and materials, managed IT services, and software vendor-supplied IT services.
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There’s no “Geek-Speak” on this channel. Juern Technology is dedicated to keeping small and medium-size businesses efficient and safe from hackers, viruses, and all other digital disasters. We started this channel because we understand how to protect networks from data loss and ransomware. We’ll share insider tips to make your business run faster, easier, and more profitably. We’ll also tell you what every business owner in Austin and San Antonio must know about hiring an honest, competent, responsive, and fairly priced computer consultant for your Managed IT Services, IT Support, and Cybersecurity needs.

â€ĸ Providing Austin and San Antonio businesses with fully managed (and co-managed) IT services and cybersecurity since 2012. No other IT services company can touch our fast response time of 3 min. or less, personalized service with our local Help Desk, or our ability to deliver technology solutions that keep your projects on track, your remote workers connected, and your data safe.

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